Friday, July 22, 2016

Loureese teaches her Thai uncle how to pronounce "central"

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My sister-in-law sent me a video of my daughter Loureese pretending to be a teacher earlier today. She was teaching her Thai uncle how to pronounce the word "central."

I can't help but laugh on the way she handled her teaching demo. The hand gestures were amazing. The facial expressions were wonderful. And the syllabication? Epic! 

When it comes to acting I know she's a star. Watch her video below.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bedtime Story Quizz (Rapunzel) with Loureese

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Bedtime story has been a family custom since Loureese's interest in books became evident. I'm guessing she enjoys the feeling whenever the magic of each book take her to places to be one with the characters. She is a self proclaimed princess, just so you know. 

And a few moments ago just after reading the story of Rapunzel, I decided to test her memory and comprehension by asking her questions. 

She was able to answer all the questions in one take. No scripts; no practice; no nothing. They were easy questions, yes, but seeing my little one answering each question correctly with full of optimism is enough to make my heart melt. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Break Free Cover by 4-Year-Old Loureese

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Loureese's interest in music was already evident long before she turned one. I remember her singing Barney's "I Love You" whenever we let her watch the said program. Her timing was good but with almost incomprehensible words. 

She was able to sing longer song like "Somewhere out there" a month short of her second birthday. She also joined the Frozen fever and recorded her version of the song "Let it go." There were many other songs she kept on singing. And, just like what they always say, the rest is history. 

At four years old her interest in music continues to develop. She likes singing karaoke versions of Arian Grande and Katy Perry songs. On her 4th birthday celebration, her Godmother Leah recorded a version of Ariana Grande's "Break Free."

As a proud father, I felt compelled to have this uploaded on Youtube. She might not have the most angelic voice but with proper training I believe she will be better. Here's my daughter who is going to win the Grammys very, very soon :)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Take A Leap Dance Cover by Loureese

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"Take a Leap," Loureese uttered whilst testing the strength of her feet. She leaped, bent down and shook her body. 

"Is that a new song?," I asked our little bundle of Joy. 

"Yes," she said happily. "It's from Sofia the first."

Yes, we know who Sofia the first is now and her family. Had I not let her watched stories and cartoon programs on Youtube 2 years ago, I wouldn't be able to chanced upon this Disney princess that brings so much joy to her. I know some of Sofia's songs too, and Loureese and me sometimes sing together as well.

So, whilst killing time at the mall, Loureese took the center stage and sing her heart out while also dancing to the tune of, guess what? Take a leap. She's oblivious of the people around, obviously. LoL.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bedtime Conversation with Loureese

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An hour of watching cartoon programs on Youtube everyday is enough to put a smile on children's faces and improve their spoken English as well. Since most cartoons are in English, children will absolutely improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and will learn to exchange words with the person they're talking to.

So here's Loureese once again having a conversation with me just before we hit the sack. Talking to her before bedtime is now a regular activity. Notice her words and the facial expressions. EPIC!

There are advantages of watching cartoons. As parents, however, time period for which children watch TV should be properly regulated. We can't prevent children from watching TV entirely. Let them experience the happiness TV can bring. Not letting them will do more harm than good in my opinion.