Friday, January 6, 2012

The Baby at 13 Weeks

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Joyie is starting her second trimester and the odds of miscarriage is dropping considerably. It was the very reason that hinders us and we thought we won't make it to Chiang Mai to celebrate the New Year. Perhaps the baby decided to travel as well even inside the womb.

This week is the baby's 13 weeks and is developing rapidly. It's now the size of a medium shrimp (wondering how big or small a medium size shrimp is) and weighs nearly an once. If it's a girl, she now has 2 million eggs in her ovaries. HUWHAT?? Wow. Simply amazing, eh? The baby has now formed fingerprints and her veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin. More to come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!