Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Words on Valentines Day

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The whole world is celebrating the day of hearts today. Everyone is busy thinking of what to do or surprises to give to their significant other. I have seen new blog posts from my fellow bloggers how happy they are at this very moment. The newly created poems and sayings posted on each others facebook walls. And sms messages from family and friends, who, just like me, would only want nothing but to make this day as special as possible. 

While everyone is celebrating Valentines Day today, Joyie and I are also having a double celebration. Today only happens to be our 4th month anniversary as husband and wife. Let me share you what I posted on Joyie's wall and what she posted on my wall.

Here's mine:

I don't have fancy cars, town houses and condos, let alone worldly possessions there are available. But I have a heart that will love you until its last breath leaves the body.

Happy Valentines Joyie. I love you!

Now here's her take with photos and everything. 

Take that!


Shelmar said...

Sweet nman... parang chocolates..!! Happy V-day..!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww.. sweetness!! :D Happy Valentine's day po! And Happy 4month sa inyong dalawa! :)

Tess Chancellor said...

Happy Valentines day for the both of you and happy 4 monthsary too. Sweet notes deserves sweet hugs and kisses,yeyy!