Monday, February 13, 2012

Fourth Doctor's Appointment

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There were couple of changes at the hospital but I won't go much into detail. Let's just say that the doctor's office was at the ground floor when we visited last month, and it was moved to the 4th floor when we paid a visit last night.

Moving forward, we saw at the hospital our friend Beth together with her husband Roy who were both expecting for their first baby too. Joyie's due in July while Beth is due in October. I wish they will be both playmates as they grow. 

When it was Joyie's turn to be checked, we greeted the very kind doctor with palms at the chest in a gesture of prayer, a Thai traditional greeting and paying respect they call "wai." She was then advised to lie on the bed for a close inspection. The doctor tried to check if the baby's genitals were clear enough to see. Unfortunately, she was hiding and seemed like curling her legs in shame, or perhaps, wanting to have this element of surprise thing.

Luckily, nothing seemed to be in serious condition or whatnot. Everything's normal and happening the way it should happened, I mean the development of the baby and all that stuff. Joyie was once again given vitamins and the doctor gave a reassuring statement that seeing the baby's genitals next month has a greater possibility. Can't really wait!


Blanca Dela Cruz said...

I was super touched while reading your posts. You clearly are a loving husband and obviously will be a doting father.:)

JBenliro said...

Thanks for the compliment and I do apologize for leaving a comment so late. Have a blast!