Thursday, December 8, 2011

Attack of the Morning Sickness

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Yesterday was the first time i saw Joyie threw up big time. We were in the middle of our breakfast when she stood up and went straight to the sink. She was crying because she didn't enjoy the breakfast and lost her appetite. I told her everything was normal and that means no problem at all. 

This morning, as we were having breakfast, she again threw up. According to her, even at work she suffers morning sickness. She was not surprised anymore though probably because she is getting used to it. However, her facial expression was a clear manifestation of difficulty, i guessed. 

As i checked online information about morning sickness, i found out that it really is a normal phenomenon to most of pregnant women. Upon telling her what i read, she just shrugged. She then said "I know that but i am still in the process of adjusting". I smiled and patted the back of my poor little Joyie.