Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fifth Doctor's Appointment

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I admit I'm kinda sad because our precious didn't show herself again during the ultrasound on Sunday night. I was so excited and cannot contain my emotion as we entered the doctor's room only to find out that she was in a prone position, not exposing her genitals as it was hidden between her legs. 

Although I don't have any preference, I am very much into knowing whether we will be having a boy or a girl. At least advance notice would help us in preparing what things to buy and what things to avoid. Sponsors will also be informed in advance (Thanks Sissy) and will save money for gifts haha. 

Well, I'm not gonna expect too much this time. If she shows herself next month, fine. If not, that's just fine either. I know it's not but I'll try to be LOL. By the way, Joyie received an IV therapy for possible tetanus as advised by her doctor. Antibiotics for her coughing and another vitamins were given to ensure that the mother will be healthy and so as the baby.