Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome Nysha Brielle!

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The already complete world of Nuy and Shane who are happily married for almost two years was once again completed to the max as their newly born daughter Nysha Brielle say hello to the world. Nysha was born on February 25 and brought so much joy to parents Nuy and Shane, who, although working miles away from each other, never cease to love one another.
A day before Nysha was born, we paid Shane and her baby a visit. She normally delivered the baby and was up on facebook hours after to tell the world what transpired hours before. Her post was flooded with comforting words, encouragement, prayers, you name it. The baby's pictures were also flooded with comments from families, friends, relatives - perhaps even strangers hehe. 

Shane's looks possesses strength and power. Her face was lighter that didn't show signs of difficulty or whatnot. She said she was pushing so hard and was surprised when she again pushed yet the baby was already out of her womb. Are you gonna be a pushy mother? Kidding :) Congratulations to Shane and Nuy! And to you baby Nysha - Welcome to the world! Continue being a gift to your parents and I'm sure you are going to experience shower of gifts from them you never thought possible.