Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's a baby girl!

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April 8 it was when we felt one of the most amazing moments of being parents to our first baby. Yes, we were expecting that she will show herself today so I could stop using the pronoun "she" for once. I've been using it to address our baby not knowing if she really is a she or a he. Check out my other posts prior to this so you would completely understand what I'm saying and to basically back up my claim that I'm not lying lol.

Going back to my story, we were both excited to visit the hospital. We both knew that we would be able to know our baby's gender and to stop ourselves from guessing. Listening to other peoples' prediction as if they were some kind of fortune tellers will also be stopped finally. We arrived a little early because we were too excited and the mere fact that it might be the day of knowing gave us a thrilling feeling to the nth power.

When it was our turn to see the doctor, Joyie's vital signs were recorded by the nurse - SOP anywhere. She was advised to lie on the bed and a small amount of gel was applied on her tummy. It was time for the ultrasound so to speak. I got a little worried because it took her almost ten minutes to really have the courage of telling us that she's a hundred percent sure that our baby is a girl. I thought she wouldn't be able to tell us. Upon hearing that our baby is a she - Joyie was all smiles. She like the idea of having a baby girl, really. For her it was a dream come true. As for me, just like what i said in my previous posts, girl or boy is totally fine with me. Let me scream it this time, alright? "IT'S A BABY GIRL!"