Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come near me, Ate Mia

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Saturday last week marked the visit of Baby Mia to Loureese. It didn't take long but perhaps both babies were happy seeing each other. Mia is now almost a year old and is starting to walk. She tries to mimic the sounds she hear around. She also utter a close resemblance to "mom" and "dad"  when she speaks according to her father. I can't wait for Loureese to do exactly just like that.

Her parents are both active members of the Filipino organization here in Phitsanulok. Ms. Prime (Mia's mom) and Joyie sometimes talk over on facebook. They've been wanting to pay a visit but due to busy schedule, it took longer than expected. 

Other than Mia and her parents, some friends came over as well. Loureese was probably in a state of confusion seeing so many people in the house carrying her one after the other. But I guess things changed when Mia, albeit shy and confused, came near her. Loureese smiled as if she found a long lost friend, acting as if she was a grown up. Perhaps babies have a way of communicating to each other in a manner grown ups won't be able to decipher.

Thanks for the visit, Mia.