Thursday, October 4, 2012

Loureese turns 3

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Loureese turned three months three days ago and being an excellent listener is now becoming more evident. She recognizes our voices and shows pleasure by smiling every time we greet or speak to her. She focuses onto something very much if it grabs her attention. This is the start of her in taking everything in on many levels.

And to celebrate her three months of being a blessing we had dinner at MK Restaurant, a Thai restaurant chain serving mixtures of Thai and Chinese cuisines. In my almost five years in Thailand, this was my first time to get inside. I've seen a few of its branches in the town and knew a friend or two who experienced having a meal there. However, seeing through the glass windows the kind of foods they offer, hmmmm they simply don't appeal to me.

But to cut the long story short we went inside and tried them still. And oh boy, we never thought we're gonna like most of what they served. I'm not a fan of veggies but they certainly changed my perspective towards them last night. They made me to think of having another round with them again later, I'm mean the veggies I'm gonna cook at home lol.

Anyway, while we were enjoying the dishes Loureese was just playing with her pillow making sounds that sometimes jolted the crap out of us. We thought something happened only to find out she seemed to be talking to her pillow.  She's indeed a grown up lady now.

And since we didn't see a cake on the way home we decided to buy a not so yummy cake at Tesco for picture purposes. So there you go. At least it's still documented :)