Thursday, December 26, 2013

Many Happy Returns To Our Mommy Joyie

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Your life’s disposition is a total opposite of mine. My circle of friends are people whom you are afraid to get to know with. And we have a lot of differences that can turn a great day ugly.

However, these qualities are the things that make you look more attractive to me. These qualities make me understand more the differences and uniqueness of each individual. They are the reasons that make my love for you grow each passing day. I must admit that i learned a lot from them, and still learning everyday!

We first met because of a common friend who asked me if i can help you out as you explore your way in Thailand. The Phitsanulok bus station played an important part in creating the bond between us when I picked you up that day. The tuk-tuk was the one who made us closer when I satt beside you on the way home. And the watermelon on Rattanawej Road that eased our hunger the night that you arrived.
The memory is still fresh like the flowers in its full bloom. I won’t forget those things; never will I. 
There is nothing constant in the world but change and we’ll soon be lost and gone. But i will cherish all the things we have as long as i live. And as you celebrate the day God gave you your first breath of life on Earth, which I believe was also the very same day HE planned of you for me, may HE continue to bless you and shower you with abundant happiness and positive outlook in life.
Many happy returns, Mommy Joyie. Thank you for everything. You are indeed a JOY in our lives.