Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Doctor's Appointment

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As soon i spread the news to my friends that Joyie's pregnant, they told me to take her to the doctor so she will be given vitamins, taken care of,  and to avoid any defects while the baby is forming. They said that earlier visit to the doctor will save us trouble or anything harmful to the baby, especially during the first three months.

Saturday came, November 19, 2011, Joyie and I went to Rattanavej Hospital. As a first timer, Joyie preferred to have a female doctor to check her. Unfortunately, no female doctor was available at the time. We were told to come back the next day. 

We arrived back at the hospital around 6 pm the following day. Joyie's blood pressure, height, and weight were recorded by the nurse. She was then asked to take a sample of her urine to check if she really is pregnant using the pregnancy test. After a couple of minutes, the nurse came out from the room, nodding her head whilst smiling, and showed us a positive result.

Not long after that, we were ushered in one of the doctor's room. There we met Doctor Luetlak who examined Joyie using the ultrasound. She showed us some black and white thingie that was moving inside Joyie's stomach - or womb, I don't know. It was fun watching the thing moved. My heart leaped with joy and was smiling while watching. The doctor advised joy of things to avoid and things she must eat. She was then given vitamins and an anti-vomiting tablet in case she suffers from morning sickness. Just before we left, the doctor gave us a small piece of paper as a reminder of our second appointment next month. We were all smiles whilst going back home, and even before we went to bed.

It was just another wonderful day!