Monday, November 21, 2011

First Sign of Life

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A month after we got married Joyie started to feel very dizzy at most times. She also gets tired easily even doing minimal work at home. She said she might be pregnant but i thought otherwise. Since i have no idea how fast a woman would feel such things, i admittedly ignore the signs. I thought she was just being her - a natural born teaser. 

A few days later she asked me to buy a pregnancy test. I was like "What's that in Thai?" Though i was still a bit skeptic, she was not. We decided to buy it together so we could explain things thoroughly. It was never a problem because the man in the counter spoke good English. One word - and he understood.

When we arrived home, we checked the label as how it was used. There was an English translation saying two red lines would mean positive, while only one signals negative. It was also best use if done in the morning because human chronic gonadotropin (hCG) is high, thus, early morning urine yields better result.
Positive, yeah?
The next morning, she put a little amout of her urine in a disposable plastic container, and placed the pregnancy test in it. Seconds after that, two red lines appeared. We were shocked when it changed right before our eyes. Who would not be? But of course we were happy :)

Thank you so much LORD for this miracle of the first sign of life.

*Pregnancy test was done on November 9, 2011