Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nine pregnancy products she can't live without

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I received an email from baby center again today. It was about nine pregnancy products pregnant women can't live without. When i clicked the link i was redirected to the post made by them and here's the excerpt i got.

When you're pregnant, sometimes it's the little things you can't live without. Whether it's a simple way to make your belly stop itching, something to get you through the night, or clothes that make it easier to move around, these basics make life simpler, calmer, and more comfortable for BabyCenter moms.

That made me think that this post should be read by Joyie. She's at work right now and so am i but i will inform her later at home. I think this is a must read by her. She might be feeling something, however, she doesn't know how to counter it yet. I'm sure this is very helpful.

 And the nine products according to them are:
  • 1. Body pillow
  • 2. Belly support
  • 3. Morning sickness relief
  • 4. Pregnancy bra solutions
  • 5. Soothing skin lotion
  • 6. Fetal doppler
  • 7. Dresses, sweats, leggings, and yoga pants
  • 8. Slide-on shoes
  • 9. Wardrobe extenders
Below is the link to the post with testimonials after testimonials of the moms about the products.