Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Baby at 10 Weeks

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It is very evident this time that Joyie is pregnant. Her tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day. The morning sickness is getting worse too not to mention her hate even the mere mentioning of the word "fish". Upon mentioning that i would love to cook fish for dinner she immediately turn pale and acted as if she was about to vomit. Good thing she didn't because we were at the church.

Again, baby center sent another email about the baby's development. It is now barely the size of a kumquat. The organs and tissues are formed but still in the process of growing and maturing, a beginning of the so-called fetal period. Webbing toes and fingers are also out of the picture and the hair is starting to grow on tender skin. And tomorrow we are going to visit her doctor for our second check up. Time to charge the batteries of the cam and of the video...Excitement is in the air!