Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Second Check up

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I should have written this post on the same day we did the check up. But due to extenuating circumstances it never made possible. And on top of that, i forgot to take a video and pictures of the baby in the monitor. Anyway, we still went to the hospital to do the routine check up as what the doctor told us a month ago.

The nurse led us inside Dr. Leutlak's room and offered Joyie the seat next to her. No further questions about something, we just went straight to business. Joyie was assisted by the nurse on the bed and the doctor turned on all the machines within her reach in a matter of seconds. Not long after that, Dr Leutlak showed us the baby's heartbeat and she announced that everything was normal. I even saw the head. My heart jumped in happiness once again. 

Before we left, the hospital gave her new vitamins and was advised not to lift heavy things. I asked if we can travel and go somewhere before new year and was advised we can, provided that quality rest should still be a top priority no mater what. Meaning, she can't get tired and overused herself in doing a thing. On the way home, we didn't speak much. We were just smiling to each other like crazy.