Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Third Doctor's Appointment

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(Janurary 15, 2012)

Dr. Luetlak showed us the result of the tests done to Joyie a month ago. They took a sample of her blood and urine to check if she is carrying any diseases that might put the baby at risk. According to the doctor, if she will be positive in just one of the tests, i will also have to undergo certain tests. Thank GOD everything went well!

After discussing the result, Joyie was asked to make herself comfortable on the bed as the doctor checked the baby via ultrasound. It was really fun to watch the baby making little movements inside the womb. Everything's really fine and there is no signs of abnormality, Doctor Luetlak told us. 

After showing us the baby, Joyie was again given three vitamins. She was advised not to continue taking the vitamins given last month since she's now over her first trimester. She was also advised not to drink too much milk since it can greatly affect the baby's size. It was a blow to her because she just loves milk so much lol. Next post will be the video!