Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Baby at 14 Weeks

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The baby inside Joyie's womb is about the size of the lemon at 14 weeks. She can now make faces such as frowning and grimacing and will be natural for her as the time progress. Thanks to her brain impulses as her facial muscles are getting a workout.

We may even catch her sucking her thumb if Joyie is having an ultrasound. Sweet! Her kidneys are also producing urine, which she releases into the amniotic fluid around her- a process she'll keep up until birth. She can even stretch out and squint too. Coolness! Did I also mention that she weighs 1 1/2 ounces now?


tatess said...

Congratulations.Knowing we will be parents are really the biggest joy in our life.Your baby in wifeys womb is also rejoicing,he can hear and feel your love but he is more excited to see dad and mom.

John and Joyie said...

Yep, Nay Tess. I can't hold up all my happiness. Overflowing, eh! Thanks for dropping by!