Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breastfeeding facts

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Reading really pays off. Well, since Joyie will be giving birth in the coming days or weeks from now, knowing what to do after the delivery is one of our topmost priorities. Check out Yahoo's article about breastfeeding facts.

Breastfeeding has many proven benefits for both you and your baby, but this doesn't mean you’ll get the hang of it as soon as your baby is born. In fact it can be quite tricky to master at first, however with a bit of perseverance breastfeeding can become second nature to you both and you’ll never want to stop! It’s National Breastfeeding Week this week (24th-30th June) so we’ve compiled a few breastfeeding facts for you…

-Across the world, less than 40 per cent of babies under the age of six months are exclusively breastfed
-Breastfeeding burns approximately 500 calories a day
-It reduces risks of breast and ovarian cancer later in life, helps women return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster, and lowers rates of obesity.
-Adults who were breastfed as babies often have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, as well as lower rates of overweight, obesity and type-2 diabetes.
-Breastfeeding aids the uterus returning to original size after birth.
-An average breastfeed last 16 minutes. 
-Babies instinctively know how to get your milk quickly and efficiently.
-Your baby controls your breastmilk flow with an instinctive action that includes sucking, swallowing and breathing.
-82% of mothers use a breastpump.
-Breastfeeding exposes your baby to many different tastes and smells. 
-In countries were breastfeeding rates are higher, the most common female cancers, ovarian, uterine and breast, are reduced.
-There are more than 4,000 species of mammal, and all breastfeed their young. 
-Breastfeeding delays the return of menstrual periods and may aid in spacing pregnancies.
-Breastfeeding creates a strong bond between mother and child.


raya said...

I am so proud I breastfed my two kids when they were babies. I was the one who had a hard time weaning myself because breastfeeding was a very fulfilling experience for me!!! I would do it even if I had 10 more kids. haha!! Love, love, love breastfeeding. It's amazing and it does wonders to your baby as well. Both my kids are super smart and healthy. :))