Friday, July 6, 2012

My Princess (Loureese Joyce)

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The pain started on Saturday afternoon but was not serious enough to panic. Everything according to Joyie was still bearable. She asked me a little later to assist her to do a little exercise and we started walking with our shi-tzu Jasmine in tow. But as the darkness enveloped the sky the pain started to be  unfriendly.

It was around 10 o'clock at night when we decided to visit the hospital. Our plan was to have her checked to confirm if the baby's about to come any time during the week. And besides, small drops of blood were coming out already so asking the specialists is a really good idea. But when we arrived at the hospital the nurses started running to greet us. A wheelchair was then presented to her. We were shocked when she was immediately sent to the delivery room. I wasn't allowed to get in so I waited outside instead. Our landlady by the way was the one who drove us to the hospital (Thank you so much P Nid). P Nid explained everything to the nurses but it seemed that they knew exactly what to do by just looking at Joyie's movements and facial expressions, thus, they ignored most of our explanation.

Two centimeters! her doctor exclaimed. That was the measurement of Joyie's cervix, which means, we have to wait until her cervix reached 9 to 10 cm wide to have a normal delivery. I begged the doctor if I can get inside together with our friend Letty. Fortunately she said yes (Letty, Neth, my mom, Joyie's mom, her sister, her brother, and her sister-in-law switched places because only two people are allowed to get inside). I was almost in tears the moment I saw her lying on the bed in pain. I controlled myself not to cry for fear that I might cause her to lose focus. Encouragement is what she needs over sympathy at the moment.

Two hours later, the doctor measured her again and told us that her cervix widened at 4 cm. She started to feel weaker and her eyes were covered in tears. If her cervix widened after another two hours to 7 or 8 cm there is a possibility of having a normal delivery, the doctor added. However, after another two hours, Joyie heard a thing she dreaded hearing again. Her cervix only widened to 5 cm. She was so weak that after a short deliberation we decided to have a C-section instead.

We were ushered outside. We were also told that the operation will last for about 45 minutes to an hour. Since we were so sleepy, we took the moment and rested at the waiting area where we sent to dreamland seconds later. Then, I was awaken by the doctor speaking to Letty. There at the hall heading to the ICU, I saw Joyie lying unconsciously on the bed. The doctor told us that Joyie needs to rest for another two hours and will be sent to her room to recover. Everything moved like a whirlwind The baby on the other hand was crying in the nursery room. It was a great relief and happiness upon seeing the baby. That was the moment I felt as the happiest dad in the world. Everything stopped. Truly, it was one of the greatest moments of my life.


raya said...

awww, whose heart does not melt with those cute eyes staring right at you? :) congratulations, dad and mom!!