Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh no! There are blood stains on the diaper!

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A week after Loureese was discharged from the hospital everyone panicked when blood stains were found on the towel and on the diaper. She wasn't crying and seemed very much normal but Joyie and I, together with our moms, were so worried. We thought those stains of blood came from mosquitoes who were killed during the war I raged against them.

Loureese and one of the nurses
But we were all wrong. A day after, we noticed that Loureese's umbilical chord had a foul smell. Her diaper was also stuck and can't be removed because the blood already dried up. Again, we were so worried. I then called a taxi and we immediately went to the hospital to have her checked. Minutes later, after checking her vital signs, the nurses cleaned the blooded area and told us everything was normal. During the cleaning by the way, Loureese was crying like she was being deprived of milk. The nurses can't help but smile.

A little later we were escorted to the doctor's room. Everything happened in a flash and told us in his assuring tone of voice, "Don't worry. She is as normal as you are. Those blood coming out are normal. It will be healed before you know it." Next thing I know, we were back home and playing with her. Thank GOD!