Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Loureese's FIRST travel expeience

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It seems that yesterday Loureese was just a few days old. But now, she's about to turn two months on the first of next month. Her eyes move when she sees a thing. She follows us every time we change positions whilst talking to her. Time flies so fast indeed.

She celebrated her first month on the 1st of August. We hosted a prayer meeting with simple dinner after. The next day, we brought the left over foods to Amarin Lagoon Hotel. It was time to be wet so to speak. Loureese was just there on her stroller sleeping like she never slept before.

The party didn't end there. The following day, we rented a van and visited the place where Joyie and I had our pre-wedding photographs - Khao Kor.

Loureese with her Fairy Cake Maker, Dhet
Loureese, Joyie, me, both our parents together with our close friends enjoyed the trip a lot. It wasn't winter yet but the breeze was cooler compared to Phitsanulok. 

Our little angel probably didn't enjoy the trip. She didn't know what the word "trip" mean either. But may she be glad to know, when she grow up, that it was because of her that both her grandmothers were able to visit and travel as well. Perhaps a chance of a lifetime as I personally refer to it.

Anyway, we are starting to think of what to do on her second month, but not going somewhere of course. Are we going to cook something for her? DEFINITELY! That's the only thing I am sure will be included on the list. But if you got any suggestions - that will be awesome!