Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ate Nysha paid a visit to Loureese

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Our goddaughter Nysha visited Loureese one day. I was at school at the time when I got a call from Joyie saying that Nysha and her grandma will stay at home. When I arrived before lunchtime I was surprised seeing Shane and Nuy's little angel lying on her stomach. I was like "How old is she now?" 

So here they are talking to one another using their so called "baby language" of ta-ta-ta and neh and e-e-le. Hearing them talk was nothing but pure joy. I wonder then if they really understood each other and if information was passed after their talk. When the younger was perhaps tired of talking, she turned her head on the other side. The older then grabbed the former's dress asking for more talk. And the laughter erupts.