Thursday, September 20, 2012

Loureese visits Wat Yai

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On Sunday last week we went to the river to watch the Phitsanulok Boat Race. It's an annual event in the province and one of its sought after attractions. I bet it's big  because Thai friends always asked me, come this month, if I have seen it yet. Unfortunately, the sky seemed to be carrying all the rain in the world and so we opted waiting for it to finish pouring. When we thought the sky chose another time and day to drop its bomb, we were already too late at the scene.
Instead of going home and blame each other for the wasted taxi fare lol, we checked out Wat Yai - Phitsanulok's most popular tourist attraction where the most beautiful Buddha image in the country can be found. And although Loureese and her grandmothers have been to a temple for the first time during the Khao Khor trip, it is their first time to be in the temple where most Thai people want to visit. The fare wasn't wasted at all, was it? 
We took a few pictures here and there while the oldies marvelled at some of the hand-made stuff being sold at the shops near the temple. When every thing was set and everyone had a bit of "kha-nom" (Thailand's pastries and breads), we head off to the church.