Thursday, November 1, 2012

Don't cry baby, everything is just fine

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It was hard leaving her. Her eyes, even from afar, seemed to be gloomy and didn't posses the optimism and happiness we normally see everyday. Today is the first time we left Loureese under the care of Thai elderlies who run a babysitting house nearby.

Perhaps she felt it because around 3 or 4 am today, she was crying so hard that all the funny faces and sounds we usually do to pacify her seemed to have lost their magic, and she catches a cold too. I wish to see her this afternoon after work with no cold or anything unusual.

Anyway, I know we will get use to waking up every morning to prepare her stuff before dropping her off to the babysitting house. It's tough and may become tougher as the days go by. But baby, I wish you knew that everything we do is for you. Daddy misses you!