Thursday, November 15, 2012

The face that launched a thousand ships

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As I remember a few weeks ago, Loureese's doctor advised us to introduce her to food other than her usual 3ml milk in preparation for solid food when she turned 6 months old. So last night we gave Loureese her first taste of cerelac, a supplementary food for infants from six months onwards which we bought at the grocer nearby.
We can't help but laugh as she made those funny faces telling us she's pissed. If she was able to speak, she'll probably say something that I'm pretty sure we don't wanna hear :) She might as well smite us when she grows up if she happens to know that these photos exist. But I hope she'll understand that her pissed face made me and her mom cried with laughter that no money can buy. It was  but a moment of pure joy.

Here she is with faces that can launch a thousand ships, at least for me. Haha.