Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter hat for baby

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Loureese with her Tito Ariel
The idea was to window shop and have a light snack, nothing more - nothing less. However, when we were about to leave Robinson at Central Plaza, around 20 meters or so away from the kids RTW, we returned telling me that she, Joyie, was earlier eyeing a winter hat for Loureese. 

It was as if Joyie's system had been programmed to buy it. She can't really get enough of the pink winter hat. It was like a thing she can't bear of leaving. She said Loureese would look good with it. I was like, "Come on, can we just wait for the payday?

But she won the argument (or at least let her win so as to stop her in being pushy lol). She then tried it to Loureese. Honestly, I thought Loureese really look good with it. Then the rest is history.

Since we are starting to really feel the cold winter breeze here in Thailand, I guess this pink winter hat is just as perfect for her. Look at her. Isn't she a cutie?