Monday, December 3, 2012

Heart of Gold Earrings

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Loureese had just received her early Christmas gift from Santa Clause and his companion three days ago. They were gold heart shaped earrings purchased at a jewelry store nearby. They both want Loureese to have something worth keeping, and at the same time something worth showing. They weren't expensive but choosing them took a thousand years.  I guess choosing what they think is best for her was really tough.

Something about Santa's companion...

Santa's companion really loves Loureese so much that even his orders, when it comes to the baby, are almost always being defied. Their connection is way beyond super that even a joke of hurting the baby sends her to an unstoppable rage. You can say that Santa was shivering with fear when his companion asked him to give the baby an early Christmas gift.

But anyway, despite the fact that Loureese won't be able to appreciate the gift yet, Santa and his companion are happy to see the earrings attached to her little, cute ears. They look good in hers, really!