Friday, December 7, 2012

I am number 5

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Mommy Joyie doesn't like the idea of me spending most of my free time blogging. In fact she isn't much of a supporter of my blogging hobby. She would rather see me doing some home chores (which i hate) rather than hearing the clicks of the keyboard, or seeing me with bulging eyes in front of the computer.
But this time it's a bit different. She took pictures of Loureese a few days ago and asked if I happened to create a post about her 5th month. I didn't. Shame on me that I forgot. But I was moved by the fact that she really doesn't hate the totality of blogging. Another evidence is her trip to Khon Khaen tonight with friends. She told me earlier she will bring the camera so I could create a post of her travel on a travel blog which you can check out HERE when she gets back. 

Smiling whilst typing now.  mommy!

Anyhow, we bought another chocolate cake for Loureese. She won't be able to have taste or appreciate it yet but her parents surely love this treat, especially her dad of course. Looking at the photo it seems she enjoyed having her pictures taken with it. ♥ ♥ ♥ 


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So Cute!