Friday, December 14, 2012

What's your baby's name?

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It was tough deciding a name for Loureese before she was born. We came up with my name (prior to the ultrasound, of course), Isabella and Patrice among others. We even asked close friends to suggest whatever they think was unique and beautiful. But those suggested names didn't pass our liking. We thought we wouldn't come up with a name that best represent something about our family or at least a combination of ours, John Patrick and Mary Joy. Thanks to my sister who really worked hard in creating a combination of names, not of us, but Loureese's grandmothers, Lourdes and Teresita.

So if you are thinking of giving your little bundle of a joy a name, it would be better if there's a meaning behind it, or it came from someone or something you're very much fond of - either your partner, parents, friends, things or even animals perhaps. However, if you think coming from nothing is just fine, then go for it. It's your baby anyway.

To give you a heads-up of what are the popular baby names this year, revealed Aiden for boys and Sophia for girls as the names resting on the summit of 2012. Jackson, Ethan, Liam and Mason for boys, together with Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava for girls are also among the most popular names of babies this year

Fifty years ago, Biblical names such as Michael, David, James and Robert topped the chart for boys, and Lisa, Mary, Karen and Linda dominated the list for girls. So, what now? What's your baby's name?