Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Pink Closet

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Joyie and I were talking about buying a closet for Loureese many times before. It, however, never transpired until now. She was pushing the idea to have one but I was the one pulling it back. We have a large closet in our room anyway, and I don't see the need of having another one for our baby. 

Since Joyie was pushing so hard - topped with her convincing power, she won my yes. Thus, we procured a pink with some flowery stuff closet for Loureese. It was delivered in our doorstep hours later, and Loureese's dresses were soon folded and hanged.

Judging by the way her dresses were organized, I guess the "mother knows best" that we always hear is true. Here, you judge for yourself. Isn't it cute?