Saturday, December 22, 2012

She just called me "Dada"

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My colleague at the university once told me my baby's first word would be memorable if it will be recorded. Since she's into the field of research specifically language acquisition, I wasn't surprised at all. I checked out videos on youtube and found out they also were fun to watch.

So one fine afternoon while we were taking a siesta, we made everything comfortable for Loureese. She was fed with her usual 5 ounce milk, turned on the A/C and off we went to bed. But she started making sounds. Joyie took out my phone and recorded Loureese's movements. She's been training her to say "Mommy" (are we pushing her that fast?) but never was it uttered. Then the magic word was heard. Not her mom's magic word though. She just said "Dada" and oh boy, it was so clear to my understanding. Joyie was skeptic or perhaps not good with the fact that it was me whom she called first. She wanted her to say "Mommy". 

That first word might just be one of those normal baby sounds or whatnot. But not for me though because it was clear she just called me Dada!