Wednesday, January 9, 2013

License to eat at 6

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First off, I would like to greet everyone a blessed 2013. Wishing it will be more fruitful and more enjoyable for all of us. Thanks to my family, friends and to everyone who took part in our 2012 journey. Let's have a blast for 2013, shall we?

By the way, Loureese would also like to say thank you and Happy New Year to her godfathers and godmothers, so as all of the people who handed her presents during the holiday season. It'll be nicer if she's able to say "Thank you" to you personally, eh? Unfortunately, she can't. So for the time being, please allow her father in thanking you. That's the least he could do.

Also, with Loureese who turned 6 months old on New Year's Day, she just got a license to eat soft solid foods and fruits. She craves for more and having a milk alone is no longer enough. The veggie crackers for babies we bought at Central Plaza to continue the celebration works like a charm. She loves it. Cerelac is also her regular meal in the morning and also before bedtime. 

Although her weight didn't change after two months (still seven kilos), she is now taller. Another three centimetres were added to her height. And there's like a white colour thing coming out of her gums. We suspect it's a tooth. The reason perhaps of her distress having to use a diaper one after the other, and her difficulty sucking bottle milks. But everything seems to work out just fine.