Sunday, January 13, 2013

1st Grader

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Loureese is going to the Philippines for the first time in summer. But the thing is, she doesn't have a passport yet. According to the website of the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, children who are born in Thailand to Filipino parents should first report the baby's birth before they can apply for a passport. One of the requirements of reporting the child's birth is a colour ID picture. I failed to understand or perhaps I made a mistake reading the instructions on their website. Instead of only 1, my mind was occupied that 4 ID pictures were needed.
So after the work on Thursday last week, we headed to Topland Plaza to have her ID taken. Since making her smile is not so difficult any more, I knew for a fact that it will be easier to have a smiling shot. After 15 minutes, here's what we got. A six month old baby that looks so mature. She looks more like a first grader than a baby who still walk on all fours.