Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A long night of crying

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I was hoping especially last night for my daughter's fever to transfer to me. If only that's possible my heart won't pain every time she toss and turn, cry, and cry once more like it's the end of the world. 

Yesterday afternoon after we picked Loureese up from her babysitter she was uneasy, irritable and don't want to be put down. Since she's a year old and gaining weight rapidly, carrying her isn't the same a few months back. However, sacrificing by carrying her is the only key in opening her mouth to stop crying and to let go of a smile. I thought toys and foods would suffice for the crying to stop. But I guess it's not.

There's no easy way, trust me.

She started crying big time somewhere around 11pm. Thinking she was hungry I prepared and handed over the milk to her. But to my utter surprise, she waived it off. Her crying grew louder and her voice was somewhat cracking. She was also choking, and with colds blocking the air passage from her nose - I thought of freaking out. 

It was a long night indeed but Joyie despite her being tired, pulled it off and used her motherly touch and soothing voice to calm Loureese and put her to sleep. I don't know how long did Loureese stay on top of her mother, lying on her stomach. But I'm pretty sure it lasted for a couple of hours. Next thing I know, Loureese was sleeping comfortably beside her mother.