Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Babies power in distinguishing languages

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Loureese @ 8 months
I learned upon studying applied linguistics that kids especially the younger ones or what we call bilinguals, can understand and differentiate the two languages being used on them. Bilinguals can separate these two languages remarkably well, and know when to do "code switching" (switching between two or more languages, or language varieties, in the context of a single conversation). Therefore, parents who want their children to speak two languages shouldn't be afraid of doing so.   

My personal take on this a few months back was to let Loureese master one particular language and that is Tagalog. I thought it would be good for her to master her first language first before learning another one. Once her first language is strong, she can then learn second or even third language. However, after reading the article from yahoo regarding languages, I thought of teaching Loureese both English and Tagalog at the same time, and let her join the fun, too. It's a good read especially to parents who live in a place where two or more languages exist.

Here's the link from yahoo CLICK.