Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All about birthdays

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The first, the second, the third, and up to the 8th month of our little angel's monthly celebrations of her birthday were all documented. Unfortunately, the succeeding months were not. We were busy preparing our stuff for our Philippine trip thus, her supposed 9th month celebration was affected. It wasn't forgotten, in fact, it was celebrated. But I was just out of tune writing new articles at the time. Same thing goes on her 10 month birthday. But as far as I can remember, there were more foods prepared on her 10 month because my mom celebrated her 59th birthday as well. Double celebration. No. Triple...including my mom's twin sister.

For the first time on her 11 month celebration, I was out making money for her milk :) I was invited as one of the facilitators in an English camp somewhere. 

Talking to her via Tango with her "ja, dada, mama, hi and choi choi" were all but music to my ear. Enough in sending me to 7th heaven.

And to give you a quick update as to what she can now do...

* She says "Hi" almost to everybody with a wave of her hand.

* She can utter daddy and mommy almost in clear perfection.

* She walks like an adult.

*She doesn't want to be carried and would rather walk as long as she can.

* And of course she eats like a grown up person in terms of volume. Lol

Note: This is a late post intended to be published in June.