Saturday, September 28, 2013

My babies fascination of escalators

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Escalators are becoming a fascination to our little one. Seeing them from afar makes her jolt in an uncontrolled excitement. She'll point to them and moves towards their direction while uttering, once again, her incomprehensible language for adults.

We noticed her liking of the escalators a few weeks ago at Central Plaza. I let her experienced how was it stepping on the thing that moves up and down. Her face lightened. Soon enough, the uncontrollable giggles.

And last night she again had the chance to experience her fascination. She tried to move one step up when we were moving up, and one step down whenever we go down. It was fun yet crazy at the same time. One mistake and we're gonna tumbling down to the edge. 

And as for additional tricks... she knows how to kiss when you say "kiss". Her dancing prowess and her talent in singing are improving too. 

Watch out X-Factor, The Voice, and other similar programs because we're gonna rock it!