Friday, September 6, 2013

How to slowly lessen your baby's milk at night

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We had dinner with our baby's "pedia" two weeks ago and we informed her of the things Loureese can do. Joyie added that our angel eats more than she can take ergo ended throwing up sometimes. She also drinks three to four bottles of milk each night. Each bottle has four scoops of milk and eight ounces of water.

Dr. Suwaree was surprised and advised us that having too much milk at night isn't appropriate for the baby. With three to four at night, that's just way too many. In fact, training her to stop having one is a lot better than letting her have a bottle or two.

According to the doctor, we can start helping Loureese to lessen her milk by keeping the ounce of water just the same, but gradually lessen the scoops of milk. Instead of four make three scoops on the first week. Then make it two on the second week, and lessen it more until it becomes tasteless or simply just water. In a month's time she will stop having one.
We already started giving her three scoops and were on our way to give her two next week. We just hope she'll stop looking for her bottles at night so as not to disturb her parents enjoying the moment in the dreamland.