Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Paul Francis - With arms wide open

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At around 9 pm last night a cute baby boy named Paul Francis Apolinario Talagtag greeted the world with a cry, which according to his own definition, was his way of saying "Hello".

His mom went to Buddhachinaraj Hospital around 2 pm yesterday. A few hours later, she was given an oxytoxin, a kind of drug that makes the muscle of the uterus contract strongly. Two hours later, she started to labor.

At around 8 pm she phoned telling us she can no longer handle the pain and would opt for a C-section. As much as we would like to have her deliver the baby normally for the recovery to be faster, she's the one feeling the pain so we let her decide what move she thought was the best.

Then the last phone call happened a few minutes before 9. The doctors were busy stitching her but she managed to tell us the good news. "Paul is out", she said. "The time I decided to have a C-section was the same time he want's to be out", she added. 

Donna is waiting to see Paul anytime soon at the time of this writing. Paul's father, Ariel, on the other hand, is just as proud to have a baby boy. He uploaded a few pictures of their little angel last night. 

As for Loureese, she said she can't want to see her cousin. Lol. I wonder what she's gonna do with him when they meet.