Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Her "The Moves"

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If I sing, she sings with me. If you ask her to dance, she does it immediately. The question now is, "What is she gonna be?". Is she gonna be a singer or a dancer? Confusion is starting to get to me. Lol. 

I know it's way to early to tell how Loureese will become in the coming years. But I think if she can be both, that's gonna be awesome! As a father, I want her to be exposed in music. Whether in singing or dancing - doesn't matter.

She can be whatever she wants and pursue her dreams - whatever those are. But I hope she will always come back or at least make herself attached to music. And I'm happy because I'm starting to see the attachment. 

Although I like you being the sweet, cuddly and sometimes naughty, I can't wait to see you grow up, Loureese. 

Here she is with her moves!