Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Mommy

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It's been two years of understanding, acceptance, friendship and love. There are thousands or perhaps millions of other adjectives that I can possibly use but I don't think they are enough to be the basis of how I really feel when I'm with you. To simply put, they aren't enough. Words cannot articulate how happy am I to be with you.

As a regular couple, we have countless of discussions that sometimes lead to arguments. Shallow understandings which lead to MISunderstandings. I'm sure, there will be more to come. We sometimes make use of words we don't really mean but because of anger, we feel helpless; we feel overpowered.

But we forgive, we accept, we love. We always keep coming back to each other. We are angels who were rescued from the fall. And we try to manage to spread our wings again and move on. Then we forget.

I wish to have long more years with you. To grow old with you. Forever may not be true, but we can, with both of our love to each other combined, make it possible. This is just the beginning. I am keeping the faith. 

May God bless the mother of our Loureese. May God bless our family. And may he continue to bless us and shower us all the blessings we can possibly have.

Iloveyou Joyie...and I always will.