Saturday, October 19, 2013

Loureese says "Thank You"

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Her Thai babysitter once told us that Loureese can be taught easily. It wasn't a problem for her whenever she wanted our baby to do something like dancing, showing her teeth, and the like. Well, she was able to do that a few months before she turned one.

Now's a different story. She can utter two words in a very comprehensible manner. Her "thank you" which was taught by her mom yesterday was learned after a few tries. Indeed fast, I would say.

She's becoming a story-teller herself as well. Give her a book, magazine, or anything similar to that and she's gonna tell you a story. Perhaps a never-ending story because it never stops that fast even if the thing contains just a few lines.

Her dancing prowess greatly improved as well. Sadly, it takes forever whenever I upload videos on Youtube. But I will try still. Proud father, eh!