Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Learning Maths with Loureese

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We normally do a lot things before we hit the sack. Joyie and me would sometimes ask Loureese to sing, dance or tell us stories. She never complains. She would do whatever we ask her to do without questions and would certainly enjoy her own performance afterwards.

Here's our maths challenge last week. And because Loureese was trying to make use of her fingers in the subtraction challenge, she accidentally raised her middle finger to me. LoL. 

One of the things that attracts Loureese's attention is her thirst of learning new stuff. If I introduce a new song she'll be all ears and will listen to it over and over again that sometimes I feel like my ears are about to explode. If I explain to her the functions of those keys protruding on her newly bought toy, she won't do anything but give me her attention and ask questions to better understand each fucntion. I bet her teachers at school don't have much of a problem asking her to do things whatever they may be. 

Beaming with pride here!