Friday, October 9, 2015

Reading Practice With A Three-Year-Old Girl

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Just before we hit the sack one fine afternoon, Loureese showcased her talent in reading. I just arrived from school when she said, "Daddy, let's read first before we take a nap." 

I was literally blown away when she started reading the words from a piece of paper her mom printed for her. Yes, we practiced the passage once or twice yesterday for fun. I didn't expect though that she remembered til today most of the words on the passage and how each letter was articulated. 

This gives me and her mom more motivation in printing more easy passages with the consonant-verb-consonant (CVC) patterns for her.

It makes me really proud that it only took us a few practice yet she almost mastered the whole passage.

I'm her father. I'm proud. And I'm smiling while writing this :)