Friday, February 15, 2013

7 signs that your baby loves you

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She stares into your eyes: Newborns love to look at faces, and yours is her favorite. That soulful gaze is a hardwired survival instinct designed to attract love and attention from a caregiver, says neuroscientist Lise Eliot. But it's also the beginning of her love for you – she's realizing just how important you are in her life.
Our "Bulinggit"

* Loureese is into staring and even touching our faces while making sounds. I feel so happy knowing she's realizing how important we are to her.

He recognizes your smell: Given the choice between a dozen fragrant roses and your sweaty, milk-stained T-shirt, your baby will go for the shirt every time. "Even a 1-week-old will turn his head toward a breast pad soaked with his mother's milk," says Eliot. To your newborn, nothing smells sweeter than you.

* Even without taking a bath for days? Lol.. Anyway, I believe it's true. While other people are having difficulty putting her to sleep, the parents can do it with ease. Hmm, she definitely knows our smell.
She smiles at you: The first time your baby gives you a true, fabulous grin is a magical moment. It's her way of saying "I love you."

* That's why when we arrive to pick her up from her babysitter, she smiles with some jolts. I love you too, baby.
She talks to you: Your baby's very earliest coos will be directed at you or another trusted caregiver, says Eliot – she won't start by talking to himself. She'll use this early language (called protoconversation) to engage with you, so answer back! You're both laying the groundwork for real conversation later.

* We do answer back. In fact, even if she decided that the conversation is over - we still continue to speak to her. 
She wants you around: About halfway through your baby's first year, you'll notice that she's not happy with your absence. She may scrunch up her face or cry when you step out of the room, and she'll smile upon your return – a sign of her growing attachment.

* Oh yes, and she's doing it now. Once the babysitter reached her hand to grab Loureese, she frowns. And when we leave, she starts to cry. She really is attached to us, isn't she?
She shares your interests: Whether it's a display of holiday lights or the dirty laundry, if you scrutinize it, your baby will do the same. Called mutual attention, this behavior can start when your baby is just a few months old, but it's more pronounced at 9 to 12 months. "It's a sign that your child is engaged with you and values what you're paying attention to," says pediatrician Harvey Karp.

* Haha. This is so true. We play with her and talk to her but as soon as we get and check our phone, she suddenly becomes interested with whatever we are holding. And she cries whenever she's deprived of getting a hold of something.
She uses you as a shield: Don't be surprised if your baby buries her head in your chest when someone new appears on the scene. "Stranger anxiety" is a normal phase, and turning to you for protection means your baby loves you and trusts you to keep her safe.

* Another fact! I saw many times when friends want to speak to Loureese yet she buries her face to her mom's. She seems okay to those she recognized but not so okay to those she can't recall.