Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 8th month Baby Loureese

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Preparing the exams, proctoring other teachers' exams, English camp, and another activity training teachers in Sukothai for three days next week resulted to a late posting of Loureese's 8th month celebration. But thank GOD everything is now finished. We can now relax and not worry about what to teach albeit signing in everyday till the end of March is still the trend.

Nothing special happened actually, and we didn't send an invitation either. We did invite one of her godmothers though, Joan, because she happens to be living near the cake shop. What's her use if we can't ask her to buy a cake for us, right? Kidding aside as I don't want my ass to be kicked, she brought a cake for Loureese with few candles for free. Much thanks!

Of course it was but empty after a few minutes. We were like hungry eagles snatching each others' piece of cake. Loureese on the other hand was just contended with the little slice and was smiling whilst watching us make fun. 

We also talked about what to do on her first birthday bash which for us is just around the corner. Four months to go technically but it seems we are in a time machine that doesn't go back to the past. Instead it only propels fast for the future. And for the record, she can now stand without our help (she needs to cling onto something though) and she imitates those that are singing.